Our Condolences


Whether you are here due to the loss of a loved one, or are a funeral director looking for a horse drawn carriage service then you can be rest assured that Kilvey Carriage will offer the utmost professional service. With years of experience of dealing with all manner of funerals, we have the necessary skills and resources to make the funeral unique, as a way of remembering those lost.


Kilvey Carriages deal directly with funeral directors to organise our services for any burials or cremations. This way we assure that everything goes smoothly and you have nothing to be concerned about for such a heartbreaking time.


Please take a look below at some of the services we offer, along with customisable drapes and plumes to celebrate the life of anyone who has passed on by offering them a unique send off based on their personalities.


If you do wish to contact us directly to discuss any issue you may have, please feel free to do so.



Our discreet and sympathetic coachmen are here to help you mourn the loss of a precious family member or friend by offering traditional horse drawn carriages for the highest quality of service. Both coachmen have years of experience in the industry and conduct themselves with great decency as you mourn.


Both Modris and Simon have grown up around horses and have a deep bond with each of them. This means that they have total control over the situation in order to offer the departed a dignified send off. Both coachmen are fully qualified and certified to man horse drawn carriages and have the Professional Carriage Masters Association Accreditation. We have in place all the legal and welfare certification for operating a horse drawn carriage including public liability cover up to £5,000,000.




Kilvey Carriages offer both white and black hearse carriages depending on your request. With both black Friesian and Hungarian Grey horses able to be used on either carriage, you can tailor the service to your preference for a truly unique and memorable experience.


Our horses are extremely well trained and have the best manners, giving you an elegant service that will stay in your hearts for the rest of your lives as you think back and remember the lives of those who have left us.


Take a look below at the hearses we have available and the differences between the two of them. The subtle difference can change the style of services and can be changed to fit specific funerals and cater to your needs.


Black Marsden


Our black hearse, which is a Marsden copy made using traditional methods, is finished to a high standard in every detail. With dark red and gold upholstery and varnished wood interior making it a truly magnificent carriage. It offers a standard of class and grace as those who have past away travel to their final resting grounds. The sleek black design means it has a very traditional look and style and shows how much you cared for your loved ones by giving them a classic departure.

White Marsden


Our white hearse is an original Marsden hearse, which has been restored to the highest standard to offer an excellent looking carriage. A slightly less common colour of hearse, the white Marsden will offer a sense of celebration to the funeral, a celebration of life and the lives of those who have passed away.



Personalise any event with our range of colourful plumes to celebrate a bubbly and outgoing personality as they pass on over to the other side. If your loved one where fans of sport why not use our custom football club drapes? It will make it a very special day of remembrance for all.


To find out more about our coachmen or the horses, please visit our About page to learn more about Kilvey Carriages and why we do what we do. We want you to be satisfied with our services at such a difficult time and want you to feel like you can trust that we will offer an elegant and formal service.

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