Special Events

Not only do Kilvey Carriages offer our services to Weddings and Funerals all across the UK, but we also do special events catering to a wide range of needs. With our unique carriage range we are able to give the people what they want, exciting events and a professional service. With one of the only Cinderella carriages in Wales, read below to find out more. Kilvey Carriages can be used for more than just your average events, and we offer our services all across Wales and England.

Due to the high demand for the classy and traditional look of a horse drawn carriage, we have found ourselves doing a range of various events. We can accommodate all religions with any ceremony.

Take a look at all of our carriages and horses and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Proms & School Balls


There has been an explosion of interest in school balls, proms and other events inspired by American culture. The events of ending the school year, season (Winter Ball) or a youngsters school career all together have been commonplace in UK schools for quite some time. The event which includes a party were the young guests ‘dress to the nines’ in tuxedos and glamorous dresses and enjoy a night of dancing.


What better way to arrive at these events than in style? Forget about limousines and fancy cars! Turn up in a horse drawn carriage for the ultimate entrance to impress any party.


Our Cinderella carriage is a hit with this and is the best way to make a lasting impression and be the centre of attention.




What better way to entertain children than for them to meet Cinderella herself. Coupled with our one of a kind fairy tail carriage, Kilvey Carriages can have Cinderella turn up as well to entertain people of any ages. Take pictures and ride in the carriage, an ideal form of entertainment for all the family at any event.


Not only can the carriage be used with Cinderella to entertain, but it can also be use to transport you to and from your weddings and other events. The versatile carriage gives a sense of wonder as it is pulled by majestic horses, creating a wonderful spectacle that all will enjoy. Our Cinderella carriage is only available for hire in Wales.