Seeing the horses and carriages in person is a sight to behold and will surely convince you that this is the best option for you, no matter if it’s for a wedding, funeral or special event. If you’re unable to visit us and see the horses and carriages in person then please take a look at our gallery below for the next best thing.



Have a look at some of our customers using our horse drawn wedding carriages services. The professional services will give your wedding a unique twist which will have your guests in awe of the spectacular entrance to your big day.



Even on a solemn day celebrating the life of a loved one you have lost, our funeral hearse carriages will give them the traditional and elegant departure that they deserve.

Special Events


Due to high demand in recent years for similar events to those held in American school culture such as ‘Proms’, there has also been high demand for grand entrances to these events. Sometimes a limousine won’t cut it and we’re here to help, with traditional horse drawn carriage transportation.


Kilvey Carriages also own one of the only Cinderella Carriages in Wales and can also hire out an actor to play the role for events and children’s parties.